Why Sign Up Here for FREE Cell Phone?

Why Sign Up Here for FREE Cell Phone? Because we are partners with leading National Wireless Carriers to provide a FREE cellular phone, as well as FREE minutes every month without sacrificing the features you would typically use with any other cell phone such as caller ID, texting, and voicemail.

These services do not require a credit check or deposit and there is absolutely no contract involved.

Why Sign Up with Lifeline Program?

First, because is a free government program that offers free cell phones & wireless service.

We Provide the Best in Lifeline Plans, Phones and Carriers!

Lifeline Program offers you an affordable alternative for wireless service and free cell phone with reliable carriers. There's no contract or fees for our basic plans.

Simple and Safe Process That Takes Less Than 10 Minutes!

Click the Sign Up Now button to begin the easy 5 step Enrollment process. In just a few short minutes you can complete your application for service on Safelink website.

Quick Processing and Shipping of New Enrollments with USPS!

Once we receive your Identity and Eligibility Documents we'll process your application as soon as possible and ship your new phone and SIM right to your mailbox.

Check your eligibility and start enroll today.

Check all steps to sign up for free cell phone and free service.

1. Apply Online

IYou’ll need to enter the zip code and a few personal details and let us know if you’re receiving any governmental assistance.

2. Upload Your Documents

You may be asked to verify your eligibility by uploading proof of your identity, benefit information, and income.

3. Bring Your Phone or Pick a New One

You can keep your GSM-compatible or unlocked smartphone, or choose from a list of new devices.

4. Start Use Your Phone & Services

Once we approve your enrollment, we’ll ship your SIM card or pre-activated phone in the mail.

Over 0 Milions
Americans Enrolled in Lifeline Program for FREE Government Supported Cell Phone Service!

11 Ways to Qualify

44 States

1 Household Limit

Department of Veterans Affairs
Social Security Number USA
us department of housing and urban development
department of health and human services
supplemental nutrition assistance program

Sign Up for FREE cell phone and free service

Unemployed due to COVID-19?

Verify your income-based eligibility for Lifeline wireless services with proof of your unemployment benefit payments or successful unemployment application.

*Income must be 135% or less than the federal poverty guideline to qualify.